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Our Past

Palmetto Plating Company, Inc., was established in 1964 by John Cutchin,
with the purpose of providing metal finishing services to the textile industries
which were located in the Upstate region of South Carolina.

Palmetto Plating was founded on these Core Values:
We strive to be honest and fair to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Present

Since that time, we have grown to accommodate the changing needs of changing
industries, not only in South Carolina but in the surrounding states and beyond.

We operate according to our Business Policy:
Palmetto Plating Company, Inc. is committed to providing unique and consistent metal finishing services which are specifically tailored to meet each customer’s specifications while operating our facility in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This commitment includes continual improvement of business processes, procedures and services, reducing enviormental impacts, enhancing employee’s skills and efficiencies, and sustaining fiscal growth with improved market presence while serving and giving back to our community.

Our Future

As manufacturing in the United States continues to grow, our outlook on the future is strong and positive. Our mission and vision remain steadfast.

Palmetto Plating’s Mission:
We provide metal finishing services to meet customer requirements in a safe andresponsible manner while being a good steward to the community.

Our Vision:
As a supplier of unique metal finishing services, our vision is to partner with customers and employees, provide quality and on-time delivery services, maintain clean, safe, efficient work conditions, be environmentally responsible, and give back to the community.